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Current Beta Release

Archetype Editor 2.8.972 19 August 2015

  • Allow v0 archetype ids.
  • On creating a new archetype, the version defaults to v0 instead of v1.
  • Added namespacing and revision to the other_details archetype attribute.
  • Cluster specialisation now clones by copy rather than by reference.
  • Allow editing of the child element of a cloned cluster if the original child has already been specialised.
  • Make sure that unused term and constraint codes are removed from the ontology in ADL archetypes.
  • When viewing XML on the Display tab, make sure that unused term and constraint codes are removed from the ontology.
  • Delete the recovery file immediately after the user opens it.
  • Removed the Transitions option from the Pathway Specification in ACTION archetypes.
  • Fixed garbled text on the Header and Display tabs in some languages.
  • Fixed the replacement of translations of term definitions in XML archetypes.
  • Fixed annotations, which did not work except in the primary language.
  • Fixed serialisation of persistent compositions to prevent participations from being serialised to the ADL or XML.
  • Fixed various other bugs introduced in the beta releases since version 2.1.

Previous Beta Release

Archetype Editor 2.2.905 27 February 2013

  • An openEHR installer is now available. (Previous releases were only available from Ocean Informatics.)
  • The option to report an issue goes to the problem tracker on openEHR rather than Ocean Informatics.
  • The Help is now online as well as being installed.
  • Archetypes can be copied to and from ADL and XML, in batch mode from the command line.
  • On creating a new archetype, the 'short concept label' is inserted as the default 'Concept' label.
  • On creating a new archetype, an appropriate structure is preselected (usually 'Tree').
  • <Ctrl+F6> and <Ctrl+Shift+F6> keyboard shortcuts move between the main tabs.
  • Exporting to XML now formats nicely with newlines and indenting.
  • The Display tab no longer has its own "Save" button.
  • The Display tab can now search for text.
  • A new Display menu improves the usability of the Display tab.
  • The uid attribute is now loaded and saved in archetypes where it is present.
  • The proportion constraint control hides the denominator for unitary and percentage types.
  • Data value choices are restricted to those that are unique.
  • The default cardinality of clusters and sections is 1..*.
  • ACTION archetypes now show the Planned state, not Initial which was not truly a state.
  • In ACTION archetypes, ISM_TRANSITION now has an at-code.
  • Allow re-ordering of care flow steps within a state of ACTION archetypes.
  • Allow annotations, i.e. non-standard ontology items in addition to "text", "description" and "comment".
  • Allow specialising of events in OBSERVATION archetypes.
  • Allow multiple constraints on maths_functions.
  • Allow the order of internal codes to be changed.
  • Allow internal codes to be copied and pasted.
  • Allow an individual internal code to be copied in a format like 'local::at0071::meconium'.
  • Allow constraint bindings to be edited directly at the node definition.
  • Allow constraint bindings and term bindings to use and browse any terminology.
  • Allow assumed value to be set in any data, not just on patient state.
  • Allow assumed value to be deleted.
  • Allow each contributor to be edited.
  • Allow the copyright to be edited.
  • Allow the current contact to be recorded.
  • Allow DV_PARSABLE to be viewed on the Interface tab.
  • Named slots now show the Details tab, allowing comments, annotations and bindings to be added.
  • The active language is now displayed in the title bar.
  • The at-code and description of internal codes are now shown.
  • HTML displays the copyright from the archetype.
  • The Authorship date defaults to YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • Prevent changing the structure of specialised archetypes.
  • Prevent editing of non-specialised nodes on the Definition tab of specialised archetypes.
  • When specialising a multiple-occurrence node, the node is cloned only if the user requests.
  • When specialising a cluster by cloning, all of the cluster's children are copied too.
  • Changing the data type of elements at the same specialisation level as the archetype is always allowed.
  • Specialised XML archetypes preserve all term codes inherited from the parent archetype.
  • Added g/m2.7 and 10^x property units.
  • Added Rate of Change - Pressure property units (daPa/s).
  • Added Rate of Change - Frequency property units (Hz/s).
  • Added more Japanese translations.
  • Added Russian translations.
  • Internationalised many parts of the user interface, ready for translation into other languages.
  • Fixed the file recovery dialog to appear when appropriate during start-up.
  • Fixed specialising of XML archetypes.
  • Fixed saving name constraints of XML ELEMENT archetypes.
  • Fixed several exceptions with XML archetypes.
  • Fixed specialising of of a node more than 10 times in ADL archetypes.
  • Fixed drag and drop in SECTION archetypes.
  • Fixed action patterns in XML INSTRUCTION archetypes.
  • Fixed loading math_function, width, fixed interval and offset in OBSERVATION archetypes.
  • Fixed loading occurrences of sub-sections in SECTION archetypes.
  • Fixed error when loading an empty resource_package_uri from ADL.
  • Fixed errors when loading term bindings and constraint bindings.
  • Fixed some problems editing the Term Bindings Complex tab.
  • Fixed displaying URI constraints within a choice element.
  • Fixed usability problems with assumed value for DV_QUANTITY.
  • Fixed changing the data type of an element to a slot.
  • Fixed saving a choice with an interval of date or time.
  • Fixed saving a choice with a slot.
  • Fixed saving a Single or Table structure with a slot.
  • Fixed saving of assumed value for DV_CODED_TEXT internal codes.
  • Fixed saving of assumed value for DV_PROPORTION.
  • Fixed saving of assumed value for DV_DURATION.
  • Fixed saving of DV_QUANTITY or DV_PROPORTION with a non-zero precision.
  • Fixed saving to XML of is_integral for DV_PROPORTION.
  • Fixed saving COMPOSITION archetypes with a Table structure.
  • Fixed saving Participation occurrences in COMPOSITION archetypes.
  • Fixed invalid occurrences of embedded archetypes.
  • Fixed mistranslations in the Japanese terminology.
  • Fixed errors that occurred when the computer's language is Norwegian.
  • Fixed saving of edits done on the Terminology tab.
  • Fixed saving the correct order of internal reference elements.
  • Fixed "Person State with Event Series" to be initially enabled in OBSERVATION archetypes.
  • Fixed the "-" button to be enabled whenever appropriate to remove cluster and slot elements.
  • Fixed garbled text on the Header and Display tabs in some languages.

Current Stable Release

Archetype Editor 2.1.583 2 July 2009

  • Old spellings of the following are still accepted, but it now saves the ADL with the correct spelling:
    • null_flavor is now called null_flavour.
    • term_binding is now called term_bindings.
    • constraint_binding is now called constraint_bindings.
  • An MD5 hash digest of the Archetype Model is saved in other_details, for canonical Archetype Model integrity check hashes.
  • Updated existence statements for optional attributes such as protocol, state and value.
  • Fixed several ADL/XML archetype file consistency issues.
  • Interval events may have no maths aggregate function.
  • DV_PARSABLE is now supported.
  • Slots show archetypes of all types (XML and ADL).
  • Added the correct calculated existence values for Protocol and State.
  • The label on the Data tab now reflects the structure when it is changed.
  • Updated Flow (Mass) property units.
  • Rationalised terminology to remove references to translations and include HL7 OIDs.
  • Fixed XML in DV_DURATION, which was not saving the format.
  • Ensured ARCHETYPE_INTERNAL_REF.target_path is provided in the archetype XML.
  • Ensured the parent concept of the specialised archetype root concept is included in the list of referenced terms in XML.
  • Ensured original_author name is mandatory in description.
  • Ensured that existing archetypes containing DV_TEXT.value constraints do not silently lose those constraints.
  • Included T delimiter in C_DATE_TIME patterns.
  • Serialised DV_QUANTITY with default precision, for the "Explicitly specify default value" canonical AM rule.
  • Showed compound units in Quantity in the current language.
  • DV_ORDINAL assumed values are better supported.

Previous Releases

Archetype Editor 2.0.582 2 July 2009

  • Slots can now be named.
  • Slots can now be constrained to an abstract type (Item, Entry, etc.).
  • Slot patterns now specify the full archetype id, not just the concept and version.
  • Slot patterns in XML archetypes are no longer surrounding by slashes.
  • The web source of archetypes is now CKM.
  • Installs a reduced set of sample archetypes, clearly named as samples.
  • XML archetypes are now valid against the schema.
  • HTML generation has an updated user-configurable XSLT script.
  • Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut toggles between two languages.
  • Added Japanese terminology.
  • Added ICD Oncology (3) terminology.
  • Added new unit time fraction.
  • Internal references are now commented in the ADL, like other nodes already were.
  • Prevented duplicate term codes in coded text and ordinals.
  • Term Bindings save the Release field.
  • The terminology look-up has several usability improvements.
  • Translation saves the Accreditation field.
  • Copyright details are not discarded.
  • The Links button is hidden, unless an option is set.
  • Removed the File | Close menu item.
  • Save As now always regenerates the ADL.
  • Changing the archetype id and then saving to the new name sometimes instead overwrote the old .adl file.
  • If an embedded archetype is not found, the user can locate its directory.
  • Fixed several problems with embedded archetypes, including taking into account the parent archetype's language.
  • Fixed loading Quantity minimum and maximum, which were rounding to a whole number.
  • Fixed mishandling of "openehr" term codes as "local".
  • Fixed an "Incorrect format" error when saving an INSTRUCTION with a Protocol.
  • Fixed several exceptions when changing the Structure Type.
  • Fixed several exceptions on the Interface tab.
  • Fixed exceptions opening an XML archetype containing a DV_EHR_URI.
  • Fixed problems saving to ADL:
    • Double-quotes were wrongly converted to single quotes. (Saving to XML had the same problem.)
    • Backslashes were saved in a way that could cause parsing of the archetype to fail.
    • The Purpose, Use, Misuse and Reference fields were saved with extra carriage returns.
  • Fixed problems introduced in version 1.0.1246:
    • An exception occurred when specialising a node.
    • Save As left the Save button visible.
    • Saving as an invalid file name corrected the name silently. It now advises that this is happening.

Archetype Editor 1.0.1248.332 12 May 2008

  • Fixed loading of attributes such as QUANTITY.precision from the ADL file. (This error was introduced in version 1.0.1243.)
  • Fixed wrong image being displayed for Clusters.

Archetype Editor 1.0.1247.327 6 May 2008

  • DV_IDENTIFIER is now supported.
  • Participations can now be saved within a COMPOSITION archetype.
  • Fixed saving of Slots to ADL, which often had an invalid include or exclude pattern.
  • Fixed several "Unhandled Exception" error messages.

Archetype Editor 1.0.1246.315 29 April 2008

  • The installer now associates Archetype Editor with the .adl file extension.
  • The installer now sets up the same sample archetypes directory as Template Designer.
  • When saving an archetype, a dialog warns if the file name does not match the id.
  • The HTML display is now optionally generated via a user-configurable XSLT script.
  • On the Header tab:
    • There is a new Links button.
    • Right-clicking the archetype id pops up a Copy menu.
  • The New button on the toolbar is now always visible.
  • Changing the Structure type now scrolls so you can see its combo box.
  • Adding Quantity Units no longer adds the Property as a Unit when you cancel.
  • Adding a Slot pattern now gives the option to match specialisations.
  • Fixed the Save As dialog's HTML option, which did nothing when you selected it.
  • Fixed various problems with reference elements.
  • Fixed errors reloading two of the date-time constraint formats.
  • Fixed some mistakes in the display of date-time constraint fields on the Interface tab.
  • Fixed saving of the Duration min constraint.
  • Fixed an "Error creating window handle" after frequently switching to the Interface tab of a large archetype.
  • Fixed several "Unhandled Exception" error messages.

Archetype Editor 1.0.1245.279 26 March 2008

  • The old 'A' icon has been removed everywhere, in favour of the 'Oi' icon, similar to the Ocean Template Designer.
  • The overall appearance makes better use of Windows XP and Vista visual themes, most noticeably in the Open from Web dialog.
  • A new option allows automatic saving to XML whenever an archetype is saved as ADL; and also automatic saving to ADL whenever an archetype is saved as XML.
  • An unhandled exception has been fixed, when opening an embedded archetype if the repository path does not have a "structures" subdirectory.
  • XML was exported with the wrong adl_version (e.g., "v1"). It is now correct (i.e., "1.4").

Archetype Editor 1.0.1244.250 30 November 2007

  • New option to open an archetype from the web.
  • The Options window is now under a Windows-standard Tools menu.
  • The version number now has a fourth part, identifying the revision from which it was built.
  • Removed the XML and ADL radio buttons on the start-up dialog.
  • Fixed the DURATION constraint, which could not be set if no pattern or range were specified.
  • Fixed several "Unhandled Exception" error messages.
  • Fixed a problem that it sometimes silently failed to save to XML.
  • Fixed term_bindings in the XML, which did not have a code_string element value, and instead placed it wrongly in the terminology_id.
  • Fixed a rare case where the specialisation part of an archetype ID could be lost when renaming it.
  • Fixed the size of the Participations controls so that they are fully visible.
  • Added scroll bars in several places, to improve usability on very small screens.
  • The Pathway tab is more user-friendly.
  • Added new units for pressure and impedance/immitance.
  • Changing the Structure now works with Single, even if no object has been selected.

Archetype Editor 1.0.1243 26 October 2007

  • Now runs on both 64- and 32-bit versions of Windows.
  • Updated the problem reporting to use Jira rather than Mantis.
  • No longer writes to the "Program Files" directory, so it will work for non-administrative users, in a student lab setting, etc.
  • An auto-backup is created at a configurable time interval.
  • Improved validation of the Short Concept part of the Archetype ID.
  • Fixed various bugs on saving XML.
  • Fixed a lot of "Unhandled Exception" error messages.
  • Fixed HTML-generation of archetypes with Table structure.
  • Fixed the order of OK and Cancel buttons to conform to Windows standards.
  • Fixed the tab order in many places.
  • Minimum duration range of zero retains the correct units: it is no longer forced to "0S".
  • Changes to "Limit decimal places" are now saved, even if "Set min. value" and/or "Set max. value" is not set.
  • The default setting for a Text attribute is now "Free text/coded".
  • Changing the Structure now works with Table and Single, not just List and Tree.

Archetype Editor 1.0.1241 1 June 2007

  • ADL Parser is slow loading first Archetype file.
  • Fixed bug on saving XML.
  • Catches error on loading chained archetypes.
  • Corrected error in HTML display.
  • Fixed bug in display of Duration data type.
  • Fixed bug on addressing list of internal codes when double-click on list.
  • Fixed bug with load from command line.
  • Fixed bug with typing property into quantity.
  • Fixed bug with duration in weeks.
  • Full Release 1.0.1 compliance with XML archetypes.

Archetype Editor 1.0.1240 11 May 2007

Archetype Editor 1.0.1238 19 March 2007

  • Fixed bug with load from command line.
  • Fixed bug with typing property into quantity.
  • Fixed bug with duration in weeks.

Archetype Editor 0.99.8 Beta 25 October 2006

  • Major changes to align with release 1.0 of the reference model.
  • New Action class archetypes, altered instruction model.
  • Allows embedded editing of structures within entries (allows instruction and action to share activity description specifications).
  • Date representation fully ISO compliant.
  • Many bugs and GUI issues fixed for working in other languages (GUI support for German, Turkish and Farsi added).

Archetype Editor 0.99.8 25 September 2006

  • Further alignment with the 1.0 reference model. Main change is that State data is now represented on one event and referenced from other events. Many minor bug fixes.
  • Quantity properties are now sorted and it is possible to add a unit first (setting the property based on the unit).
  • A lot of work on the Terminology bindings and constraint bindings.

Archetype Editor 0.99.7f 28 August 2006

  • Bug fixes - working in languages which do not have translations of the openEHR termset.
  • This release fixes many issues with term and constraint bindings - enabling binding of terms that are not archetype nodes.

Archetype Editor 0.99.7e 11 July 2006

  • Full alignment with openEHR Foundation archetypes.

Archetype Editor 0.99.7d 15 June 2006

  • Fixed bug - not recording Quantity.Property.

Archetype Editor 0.99.7c 6 June 2006

  • Fixed bug with Section archetypes.
  • Handling of single data structure error corrected.

Archetype Editor 0.99.7b 25 May 2006

  • Parser updated to handle carriage returns in text and description.
  • Constraint bindings to terminologies are now saved, though no standardisation of this has yet been agreed.
  • Contributors and keywords are now handled properly.
  • Right to left script handling now almost universal.
  • Date time representation is now fully ISO compliant - backward compatibility has been maintained.
  • 'b' corrects parser error removing excessive codes during cleanup.

Archetype Editor 0.99.6a 11 May 2006

  • Build 0.99.6 saved when working in Farsi which gave default menus in Farsi. More additions for handling right-to-left scripts.
  • Bug fixed in loading descriptions.

Archetype Editor 0.99.6 8 May 2006

  • Further GUI support for other languages, comprehensive testing.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Archetype Editor 0.99.5d 23 April 2006

  • Minor bug fixes from alpha testing - ordinals display in embedded archetypes, correct file save on changing occurrences with embedded archetypes.

Archetype Editor 0.99.5c 22 April 2006

  • Minor changes to ADL processing, instruction.activity.action_archetype_id as regular expression.
  • Bug fix with archetype naming.

Archetype Editor 0.99.5b 17 April 2006

  • Fixed bugs with drag and drop, more interface translation, embedding archetypes.
  • Fixed bug in structure archetypes archetype ID name.

Archetype Editor 0.99.5a 9 April 2006

  • Major rework to allow embedded archetypes, added Action archetypes, fixed bugs with language translation and GUI, added archetype Description.
  • Comes with sample archetypes which are release 1.0 compatible, installed in archetype subdirectory.

Archetype Editor 0.99.2a 8 June 2005

  • Add display of further data types, find in ADL view, fixed various minor bugs and over-write bug if new archetype created twice.

Archetype Editor 0.99.1a 17 May 2005

  • Fix translate to local language on load, allow edit of archetype ID, multiple datatype now called choice.

Archetype Editor 0.99 5 May 2005

  • Added quantity ratio (count only at this stage) and assumed values.

Archetype Editor 0.98.9 25 April 2005

  • Added control of cluster cardinality, debugged specialisations, cluster drag/drop.

Archetype Editor 0.98.8 13 April 2005

  • Refined HTML display, fixed bug with display of URI in interface.

Archetype Editor 0.98.7 30 March 2005

  • Early version of HTML display, fixed bug with dates.

Archetype Editor 0.98.6 19 March 2005

  • Updated to work with ADL 1.2 ready for openEHR 1.0 release later in the year.

Archetype Editor 0.98.5 8 February 2005

  • Minor bug fixes with translation of ordinals.
  • Added ability to edit description of ordinal terms.