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Current Beta Release

Template Designer 2.8.94 19 August 2015

  • Allow v0 archetype ids.
  • Added ADL 1.5 annotations.
  • Allow annotations on named slots.
  • Allow annotations at the root of the template.
  • Allow rich text editing of annotations.
  • Annotation changes prompt the user to save unsaved changes when exiting program.
  • Changed path displayed in the properties tab to be more informative (i.e., include renamings for archetype root nodes).
  • Added setting to use Original Language name in paths.
  • Added some more template properties (original author, other contributors, lifecycle state, copyright and keywords) to be edited, saved and loaded.
  • Added Russian translations.
  • Use names from the constraints list when naming clones.
  • Fixed cloned elements not being generated in OPT.
  • Fixed exception with component ontologies and embedded templates.
  • Fixed issue with root node path having incorrect path when in an embedded template.
  • Fixed issue with name/value in path when instruction activities are renamed.
  • Fixed stack overflow due to incorrect handling of maximum occurrences "*".
  • Fixed change from optional to mandatory in properties window not showing a value of 1.
  • Fixed crash if archetype is not found while integrity checking is on.

Previous Releases

Template Designer 2.6.1213 11 February 2011

  • Removed product activation.
  • Fixed issue when generating specific Operational Templates in Slovene culture.
  • Added support for archetype constraint bindings to the Operational Template Builder. A new type, C_CODE_REFERENCE, a subtype of C_CODE_PHRASE, with attribute referenceSetUri is used.
  • The Operational Template Export dialog has a property "Disable Tmp 1279Output", to disable constraint binding support.
  • The Template Designer now supports Archetype Editor constraint bindings URI.
  • Only one constraint binding per node is currently supported. If there are multiple constraint bindings per node last one is used.
  • Template Designer has been certified as Microsoft Windows 7 compatible.
  • The location of the installed sample artifacts has changed to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\My Clinical Models\Sample Set"

Template Designer 2.5.1194.1 23rd August 2010

  • Added multiple knowledge repository configuration settings.
  • Export template and dependent archetypes as a zip file.
  • Incorrect OPT occurences for embedded templates resolved.
  • Solve "slot fills not occurring".
  • Changed TDO ObjectConstraints allowed coded text items from Dictionary of string, string=string to List of dvcodedtext, Dictionary still available using property name index with a "Map" suffix, e.g. PropertyNameMap.
  • Initialise TDO cluster property.
  • TDO to compile when default clone name contains #.
  • TDO export to include ext. terminology term definition in object contraints (previously was not working inside certain ACTIONs); unit test added.
  • C# TDO - Disambiguate property name where it would conflict with an RM attribute (using C# RM implementation and support classes). Parent class name prefixed to property name only in case of conflict. Name_clash_test.oet template added for testing.
  • Added TDO NullFlavour property for elements with null_flavour constraints.
  • Allow external TDO transform to be executed.
  • Allow external TDS transform to be executed.
  • TDO export does not include external terminology term definitions.

Template Designer 2.4.1092 11 June 2009

Template Designer 2.1.674 15 July 2008

  • Aligned to latest version of EhrGate and EhrBank.
  • Improved form generation.

Template Designer 2.0.541 22nd April 2008

  • Create an embedded template from an archetype node in a current template.
  • Added a menu item on archetypes to create an embedded template.
  • Ability to "Set to Zero Cccurrence", and "hide on form" for components of an archetype within the Template Designer.
  • Option to 'import' an embedded template without enforcing constraints.

Template Designer 1.1.430 27 Nov 2007